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Gifted: What You Need To Know
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Gifted: What You Need To Know

A new film written by Tom Flynn sees Chris Evans raising his gifted 7-year old niece and facing a dilemma about how to provide an ordinary childhood for a kid with and extraordinary talent. After performing well at the box office upon its release earlier this year, this week Gifted arrives in stores. Here's everything you need to know about his heartwarming drama...


Who's in it?

Chris Evans stars alongside the young McKenna Grace, who you may recognise from TV shows such as Once Upon a Time and Designated Survivor. They are joined by a cast that includes Lindsay Duncan, Octavia Spencer and Jenny Slate.


And who's directing?

Marc Web, best-known to most as the director of The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, is the man behind the lens on this one.


What's the plot?

Evans plays Frank Adler, a former college professor turned boat repairman who is single-handedly raising his niece Mary after the death of his sister Diane. Mary is about to start school and , as it turns out, is something of a mathematical prodigy. Her impressive calculus skills soon earn Mary the offer of a scholarship at a private school for gifted children, but Frank is reluctant to accept knowing that his sister wanted more than anything for her daughter to have a normal childhood.

News of Mary's extraordinary abilities and the scholarship offer soon reaches Frank's estranged mother Evelyn, who arrives at Frank's house and tells him that he is denying Mary the chance to fulfil her potential. It emerges that her Mary's mother, Diane, has also been something of a mathematical genius who was sent on a similar scholarship when she was young, and wanted her daughter to have the childhood she never could.

Frank refuses to back down, so Evelyn launches a custody battle for Mary that threatens to see Frank lose her completely. As a compromise, Frank reluctantly agrees to allow Mary to live in foster care near his neighbourhood from his house, under the proviso that he can visit Mary and that she will be able to decide for herself where she wants to live when she reaches age 12. However, Evelyn is determined to gain more influence over Mary's life and when it emerges that she has moved into the guest house, Frank reveals a secret about his sister that forces Evelyn to reconsider her actions.


Does it deliver?

What's not to like? A heartwarming story with some great performances from a talented cast - particularly the young McKenna Grace, who looks like a real prospect even at the tender age of 11 – Gifted is a proper feel-good film that's well worth a watch. You can find the trailer for the film below...

Gifted Marc Webb

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