August 11, 2017

Going In Style: What You Need To Know
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Going In Style: What You Need To Know

Martin Brest's 1979 comedy caper Going In Style saw three senior citizens break the monotony of a life in retirement by staging a daring bank robbery. Earlier this year, that story was given the reboot treatment by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros., and on Monday (August 14th) the 2017 version arrives in stores on DVD and Blu-ray.

Here's everything you need to know about it...


Who's in it?

Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin lead the film as the trio of bank-robbing retirees, alongside an impressive cast that includes Christopher Lloyd, Ann-Margret, Matt Dillon, John Ortiz, Peter Serafinowicz, Joey King and Keenan Thompson.


And who's directing?

Zach Braff, best-known for his role in long-running comedy series Scrubs, is the man behind the lens on this comedy reboot, working from a script provided by Hidden Figures and St. Vincent writer Theodore Melfi.


What's the plot?

Unlike Martin Brest's original, in which the robbers' motivation is little more than boredom with life in retirement, Theodore Melfi's script adds a little more depth to the story than the original, so the new version goes something like this: Joe (Caine), Albert (Arkin) and Willie (Freeman) are three lifelong friends living out their twilight years in retirement from the steel plant at which they spent most of their working lives.

Responding to a letter from his bank, Joe visits his bank manager and learns that he owes more on his mortgage than he thought due to a rate increase he wasn't aware of, but before he can finish arguing his point three robbers burst into the bank and pull off a heist, making off with $1.6 million in cash.

The trio then learn that the company they worked for is being bought out and, as a result, that their pensions are to be 'restructured', leaving them severely out of pocket. To add to their woes, Willie is suffering from kidney failure and is badly in need of a donor, while Joe, his daughter and his granddaughter are all facing eviction within 30 days if he cannot find the cash to repay the bank. When they discover that the bank is set to benefit from the loss of their pension funds, the trio decide to take revenge and stage a heist of their own.

Before they tackle the bank, the trio attempt to get some practice in by robbing the local grocery store where Al's love interest, Annie (Ann-Margret), works as a store assistant. Things don't go quite as smoothly as they'd hoped and, realising they're going to need some professional help, the three men turn to Joe's former son-in-law Murphy (Serafinowicz) and a criminal turned pet store owner named Jesus (Ortiz) for some advice.

Does it deliver?

Writer Theodore Melfi has taken a few liberties with the original story to add some depth to the characters' motives and make the film's ending a little more upbeat, which is no bad thing in this case. The sheer array of acting talent on display here is more than enough to carry the film through the odd gag that falls flat, but for the most part this is an enjoyable and entertaining retelling of an old story that's well worth a watch if you fancy the idea of three pensioners sticking it to the banks.

Going in Style
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