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Gotham showrunner confirms Batman will not appear in the show
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Gotham showrunner confirms Batman will not appear in the show

Bruno Heller, showrunner on new series Gotham, which looks at the years before Batman arrived in the city, has confirmed that the Dark Knight will not appear in the series. 

Heller, who has previously created the HBO series Rome and crime drama The Mentalist, opened up about the show during the Television Critics Association's summer press tour and told reporters: "Batman won't appear". 

He also said that if the show has a hero, it's the city of Gotham itself, saying: "If there is a superhero in the show, it is Gotham. That's a larger than life character that's a central part of the show. To me, heroes are more interesting than superheroes because the difference is superheroes do the impossible and drama is really about the physically possible. This is about people and people trying to overcome real problems versus trying to learn how to fly."

He added: "We have villains running around Gotham so it doesn't feel like the entire city sinking into a pit waiting for someone you can't introduce. It's a story of how do you deal with crime of this level when there are no superheroes. When ordinary men and women are dealing with the struggle waiting for a saviour. It's about men and women and not about superheroes and that's the more interesting story."

The series stars Ben McKenzie, who is best known for his role as Ryan in hit teen drama The O.C. He will play Jim Gordon, the Gotham police officer who goes on to become Batman's key ally. This part was recently played by Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan's series of films.

The TV series will also star Jada Pinkett Smith, Cory Michael Smith, Camren Bicondova and Robin Lord Taylor, who will play Fish Mooney, The Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin respectively.

Gotham will premiere on September 22nd on US network ABC, it has yet to be picked up by a UK broadcaster. You can the latest trailer below. 

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