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Grace of Monaco - Five Things We Learned...
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Grace of Monaco - Five Things We Learned...

Grace of Monaco sees Nicole Kidman step into the shoes of Grace Kelly, the Hollywood megastar who turned her back on tinsel town in 1956 when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco to become Princess of Monaco.

Six years later the story follows Grace’s crisis of identity between her former self as the film star and the life she began as the Princess of Monaco when Alfred Hitchcock offers her a role in his new film which collides with France threatening to annex Monaco. Talk about bad timing!

We caught an early screening and here are five things we learned…


Oliver Dahan loves his close up angles

Never before have you seen Nicole Kidman’s face so close up, with intimate moments of her ear or even nose. It’s clearly an attempt to make the viewer feel the emotions that Grace is going through, but that gets a little lost and soon you’re longing to hit the zoom out button so you can actually see what is going on…


Nicole Kidman refuses to age…

Nicole Kidman may be 47 years old but with the help of make-up to fine tune her appearance she pulls off the 33 years that Grace Kelly would have been in 1962 with ease.


Grace of Monaco….looks great

The production design and costumes are the real stars of this film, taking you back to the city and palaces of Monaco in the 60’s. With sprawling views of the beautiful seaside city on the French Riviera, it does make you want to go on holiday. And the royals of Monaco do know how to do sophisticated fashion with flawlessly coiffed hair, elegant gowns and sparkling jewels. The tourist board will definitely be happy…


The script is a bit all over the place

From the trailer it seems that the majority of the film is about the difficulty in her marriage and the crisis in France, but the script actually bounces around a lot. There is a lot of Grace consulting her priest about her marriage and Tim Roth playing the stoic leader and smoking. But there are also amusing Princess training classes much like in the Princess Diaries, a dubious undercover investigation complete with midnight rendezvous and incriminating images.


Grace of Monaco is more Diana than The Queen

It looks lovely, it’s lovingly shot, but ultimately it’s let down by the script.


Grace of Monaco is released into cinemas on Friday (June 6th).

Grace of Monaco
Grace of Monaco Olivier Dahan
Grace Of Monaco Official UK Trailer #1 (2013)

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