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Halle Berry set to star in Kingsman: The Secret Service sequel
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Halle Berry set to star in Kingsman: The Secret Service sequel

Halle Berry is in talks for a key role in the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service. 

According to Deadlinethe X-Men star has been tapped in play the head of the CIA in the sequel and looks set to sign for two movies, suggesting that producers 20th Century Fox are already eyeing a third Kingsman movie. 

If Berry takes the role she would be joining a returning Taron Egerton and Julianne Moore, who looks set to take the role of the movie's villain in the sequel, which will be set in the US rather than London.

Star Taron Egerton had previously said of the plans for the movie and its villain: "There's a script, it's brilliant. Obviously there's only so much I can say but what I can say is that we shot the first one all in the UK, that won't be the case with the next one. It's a far more international story, we're going to some incredible places. We have a villain to rival Samuel L. Jackson - this new one is so brilliantly written I wish I could play it. It's amazing."

The sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service will be released in July 2017. You can order the first movie from our online store on the right-hand side of the page. 

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