News - March 29, 2016

Harrison Ford to sell Han Solo’s jacket at auction
by James
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Harrison Ford to sell Han Solo’s jacket at auction

Fancy owning your very own piece of Star Wars history? Well, those with a few quid to spare may well get the chance in the near future, as Harrison Ford has announced that he is to sell the famous jacket worn by Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens at auction.

Ford is selling the jacket to raise money for an epilepsy charity after revealing earlier this month that his daughter suffers from the seizures brought on by the disease. The proceeds of the sale will go to FACES (Finding A Cure for Epilepsy Seizures), a charity run by NYU Langone Medical Center, which has previously treated Ford’s daughter.

The jacket will be autographed by Ford himself and is currently being auctioned off by If Only, with the current bid standing at $33,000, so it won’t come cheap, but for super fans with money to burn it offers a unique opportunity to own one of the most famous garments in sci-fi history.

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