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Hellboy - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Hellboy - Five Reasons You'll Love It

This week marks Hellboy's return to the big screen, but his journey has been a long and slow one. 

A long-running comic series, it told the story of the demon rescued as an infant who becomes a defender of humanity against the forces of darkness. 

He was first taken to the big screen in 2004 by director Guillermo Del Toro with Ron Pearlman in the title role. It wasn't a small dunk at the box office, taking $99 million on a budget of $66 million, but it was well reviewed and a sequel was ordered. 

The sequel arrived in 2008, and, shortly after the release of Hellboy: The Golden Army, Del Toro had begun to talk up his plans for a third film. He was booked to do The Hobbit, but he would be developing the project as he worked. 

Sadly, in the years inbetween, the idea never came together. Del Toro busied himself with Pacific Rim and Oscar winner The Shape Of Water, while Pearlman went off to pursue different projects.

The pair were asked about it constantly and continued to express an interest, but the stars did not align. In the end, in May of 2017, it was announced that the character was to be rebooted. 

Stranger Things star David Harbour would take the title role with Game Of Thrones director Neil Marshall behind the camera. 

The movie features Mila Jovovich as the Blood Queen, a medieval sorceress with grand plans to destroy the world, who Hellboy is forced to take on.

Jovovich stars alongside Harbour and Ian McShane, who plays Hellboy’s adoptive father, Professor Broom. American Honey's Sasha Lane and Hawaii Five-0's Daniel Dae Kim are also in key roles. 

The reboot arrives on DVD on Monday (August 19th) and we have rounded up five reasons why you'll love it...


It's a lot of fun...

Del Toro's films were heavy on high fantasy, but this is a much more playful take. There are one liners aplenty and more than one nod and wink...


Sasha Lane steals the show...

A long-time friend of Hellboy's and a powerful spirit medium, Lane is the most charming and most accomplished of the supporting cast. 


There are some great action sequences...

Marshall has overseen some of the finest episodes of Game Of Thrones and he enlists all that pedigree to put together some rip-roaring action sequences.


It doesn't hold back...

Creator Mignola promised a violent spectacular and it has been delivered. It's violent, it's gory and very bloody.


There's room for more...

No spoilers, obviously. But let's say the ending might set up a reunion with a real fan favourite...


Hellboy is released on DVD on Monday (August 19th). You can pre-order it here in hmv's online store. 

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