Five Reasons You’ll Love It - August 4, 2016

Batman: The Killing Joke - Five Reasons You’ll Love It
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Batman: The Killing Joke - Five Reasons You’ll Love It

DC’s brutal animated adaptation of the beloved graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke comes to DVD shelves tomorrow (August 5th).

In this very faithful adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's graphic novel. Featuring the voices of long-time Batman Kevin Conroy and Joker Mark Hamill, we begin with Batman heading to Arkham Asylum to visit The Joker, his long-time nemesis and making it clear that their endless battle can only end with the death of one of them.

As it comes to DVD, we round up five reasons you’ll love this brutal adventure…


The Joker’s backstory is fascinating…

This animation is the ultimate delve into how DC’s most iconic villain became the terrifying presence he is, you’ll be gripped.


Mark Hamill's Joker is electrifying…

The man best known for playing Luke Skywalker has been voicing this role for almost 25 years now and he’s on top of his game here. Maniacal and masterful. Kevin Conroy has been voicing the caped crusader for just as long and he’s a gruff marvel here too.


The rest of the cast are on top form too...

Most of this movie is about the leads, but the rest of the voice cast are excellent too. Tara Strong’s Barbara Gordon is great as is Ray Wise’s Commissioner Gordon and Robin Downes’ Harvey Bullock.


It pulls no punches…

This is a brutal, powerful and very violent thriller, with the Joker’s out of control antics and his numerous skirmishes with Batman brought to life in gory detail.


It’s beautifully animated…

The detail and depth of the graphic novel is captured wonderfully in this movie, with every scene a real treat.

Batman: The Killing Joke is out tomorrow (August 5th) and available to purchase here from hmv’s online store.

Batman: The Killing Joke
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