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hmv.com presents… The Best Soundtracks Of All Time: This Is Spinal Tap
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hmv.com presents… The Best Soundtracks Of All Time: This Is Spinal Tap

With some great in-store offers starting this week on films and on film soundtracks as part our 'Decades' series, every day we'll be picking the best soundtrack, one for every year, starting with 1950 right through to the present day. Today we're up to 1984 and we're turning it up to 11 with Spinal Tap.



This Is Spinal Tap, the funniest movie ever made about rock & roll.


Released When?



So what’s the film about?

It’s a mockumentary that follows fictional British heavy metal band on their tour across the USA in order to promote their monumental twelfth album Smell The Glove. Along the way they get accused of sexism, get confused by miniature bread, perform alongside the world’s smallest replica of Stonehenge and get second billed to a puppet show.

The band are brilliantly portrayed by Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, with real life director Rob Reiner playing smarmy filmmaker Marty Di Bergi, The mockumentary style is played perfectly, and has been an influence on everything from The Office to Borat.


Is this a score or a soundtrack?

It’s a soundtrack of songs from the band.


So who’s on it? Anyone I might know?

The clue is in the title. All the songs are written and performed by Guest, McKean and Shearer, in character as Spinal Tap.


So which songs are on it? Did any of them become hits?

In the world of the film, they are all hits. In real life, no singles were reduced, but there’s some wonderful parodies of 70s and 80s hard rock on here, with brilliant song titles like "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight", “Big Bottom” and “Sex Farm”.


What’s the best moment?

The band performing 'Stonehenge' in front of the tiny recreation of the landmark. Not only is the scene comedy gold, the song is also a pitch perfect pastiche of pompous prog rock, mandolin solo and all.


Has it stood the test of time?

These are some of the funniest comedy songs every recorded, and the likes of Flight Of The Conchords and The Lonely Island all owe them a debt. They are still just as funny today as they were in 1984. It's available here in our download store. 

This Is Spinal Tap
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