April 30, 2014

hmv.com – The Best of US TV
by Natasha
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hmv.com – The Best of US TV

Across the next few weeks, hmv will be running a huge campaign which celebrates the best of US TV, with exclusive deals on box sets and DVDs that feature some of the finest shows ever created. Among the shows featured in the offer are the likes of Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos and 100s more.

To celebrate, we thought we'd offer up a guide to many of these great series, each week we publish a feature titled 'Your Next Box Set', which recommends a new TV series for you to get hopelessly addicted to.

Many of these series are also on offer as part of the US TV campaign, including the likes of Homeland, Friday Night Lights and The Wire, the full list of features is below for you, click and have a read…


The Shield



Game Of Thrones


The Wire


Family Guy


Friday Night Lights


Battlestar Galactica

Arrested Development

Six Feet Under


Breaking Bad

Sons Of Anarchy

30 Rock

Mad Men



True Blood


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