August 3, 2015

hmv presents: 10 Essential TV Box Sets
by Tom

by Tom Goodwyn

hmv London; 03/08/2015

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Top 10 TV Box Sets: Best of All Time

It's wet, it's cold, it's the season to stay in and devour a good box set. So, just in time for Christmas, we thought we'd round up 10 essential TV box sets to get for your loved ones (or yourself, we don't mind...) this year...

Game of Thrones: Seasons 1-4

Game Of Thrones


It is a show like no other. Nothing, in the history of television, has inspired conversation like HBO's fantasy epic Game Of Thrones. Brutally violent, wonderfully funny and insanely gripping, it is an absolutely essential watch. 

The Walking Dead: Seasons 1-5

The Walking Dead


From little known zombie romp to stomping worldwide must-watch drama, The Walking Dead has grown into a true phenomenon. If you've yet to take it in, you should rectify that immediately. 

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad


The story of Walter White's transformation from meek, hard-working chemistry teacher into brutal, violent drug dealer is one of the 21st century's great stories. The complete collection of Breaking Bad is simply a must-own. 

Only Fools and Horses: The Complete Collection

Only Fools and Horses


A sitcom to which all others owe so much. Own the complete story of Del Boy, Rodney and the gang now. 

The Big Bang Theory: Seasons 1-8

The Big Bang Theory


It's the world's most popular and it's easy to see why. Catch up with Sheldon, Leonard and their band of nerdy physicists as they attempt to navigate the modern world. 

Friends: Complete Box Set



The most popular and iconic sitcom of all time, own it all, all 236 episodes, now...

Downton Abbey: Series 1-6

Downton Abbey


As its glorious run on TV comes to an end you can relive the magic of Downton's six full seasons over and over again. 

House of Cards: Seasons 1-3

House Of Cards


Characters don't come much better than the conniving, dastardly, but every so watchable Frank Underwood. Every season of his political ascent has been better than the last,  but make sure you're on his team...

Sherlock: Series 1-3



There have only been nine episodes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's modern=day take on Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic Holmes and Watson broadcast, but the show already has a fanbase that puts arena filling rock bands to shame. Find out why...

Pretty Little Liars: Seasons 1-5

Pretty Little Liars


This tense, taut and terribly addictive teen drama gets better and better with every series. The story of four friends who find themselves at the mercy of a mysterious figure, this is one of the most gripping teen dramas there's ever been...