March 22, 2017

hmv staff pick their favourite TV shows
by Nick

by Nick Nicolaou

hmv London; 22/03/2017


Cat in the wall, eh? Ok, now you're talking my language.

hmv staff pick their favourite TV shows

We're on a mission to discover the nation's favourite TV shows! Our staff (aka TV experts) helped us shortlist 100 of the best shows that have ever graced our screens. From the popular Game of Thrones to the underappreciated It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, we asked our staff to pick their favourites from our top 100.

Here's what they had to say... 


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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 1

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


"Its an insane concoction of characters and episode plots that come together to make something so memorable and hilarious. The show is my favourite for Danny Devito's character alone, from his toe knife to flushing his shoes down the toilet when he gets anxious. He's a character to remember."


Lewis, @hmvWestfieldSt

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad


"All TV shows that run for multiple seasons suffer from the odd episode that doesn't stand up on its own. Sometimes filler, sometimes scene setting or plot development, an episode that is weaker than the rest. Breaking Bad is the only TV show I have ever seen that does not have this. Every episode, every season surpasses expectation to bring the viewer on a journey to a final episode conclusion which is extremely gratifying. The singular creative vision of Vince Gilligan is a modern masterpiece."


Rudy, @hmvTweets

Firefly: The Complete Series



"When Firefly came out we had been starved of any decent sci-fi for quite some time. Firefly and Joss Whedon can feel at least partially responsible for how we view something that until then had been viewed as a slightly silly genre in TV terms. Firefly's gritty realism (as well as a distinct lack of Aliens), breathed new life into a tired genre with 13 solid episodes. Despite being cruelly taken before it's time, Firefly created a universe that fans like myself, can't get enough of and still lives on to this day, 13 years later."


Dan, @hmvWatford

Mad Men: The Complete Collection

Mad Men


"A rare combination of an extremely high quality written drama that also manages to be one of the sleekest and coolest shows ever to appear on TV. Every man who watches it wants to be Don Draper and every woman wants to be Joan Harris. Should come with a warning to not play drinking games with it, I promise it will not end well didn't for me anyway."


Matthew, @hmvDundee

Fringe: The Complete Series



"Taking all the best parts of what made the X-Files compelling and essential viewing, JJ Abrams proves why he is one of the greatest minds in television. There are no bad performances from the cast with special mention to John Noble who puts in the performance of his career as Walter Bishop."


Jamie, @hmvGlasgowFort

Columbo: Complete Series



"The set up was always the same; watch the murderer plan & execute their dastardly, seemingly foolproof  plan & then enjoy seeing how Columbo, always playing the benign  idiot, would gradually wear down the always overconfident, successful & frequently powerful perpetrator by chipping away at his/her alibi, leaving them increasingly desperate & twisting before the final conclusive piece of the jigsaw & then the freeze frame."


Nick, @hmv363OxStreet

Mr. Robot: Season 2

Mr. Robot


" Mr Robot features a dark and gritty story, exceptionally writing, great casting & a great soundtrack. Plus, anything with Rami Malek in it is instantly better."


Daniel, @hmvEKilbride


"It's just so different from everything I've ever seen before, brilliant story, context and character scripts."


George, @hmvBasingstoke

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series

Battlestar Galactica


"Utterly compelling character and plot writing with masterful social, political, religious and military commentary throughout. All with astronomical production values and a soundtrack that matches the visual quality beat for beat. It is the perfect microcosm of humanity distilled down to its desperation and determination."


Tom, @hmv363OxStreet

Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season 2

Star Wars: Rebels

Disney XD

"For those of us who had nothing but Ewok & Droids spin offs after Return of the Jedi, this series (along with the fantastic Clone Wars) is an amazing expansion of the galaxy far far away we love. It brings us new characters with new adventures but it is also bringing in (& for younger fans, introducing) characters of Star Wars Legends & the Expanded Universe. And it is now playing a pivotal role in the new Star Wars movies, already being connected to Force Awakens, Rogue One & episodes VIII & IX to come."


Paul, @hmvInverness