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Home: What You Need To Know
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Home: What You Need To Know

Animated family adventure Home, which sees the likes of Rihanna, Jim Parsons and Jennifer Lopez lending their voices, comes to DVD this week. Here’s everything you need to know it…


What’s The Plot?

Ok here goes. We begin the movie by meeting an alien race named the Boov, who are on the run from their mortal enemy The Gorg and decide to stage a friendly invasion of Earth to get away. One of the Boov is a free-spirited type named Oh, who decides he want to invite all of his fellow Boov to a party at his house. While a nice idea, he manages to hit ‘Reply All’, inviting all alien races, including The Gorg, to the party. Now on the run from both The Gorg and the rest of the Boov, Oh suddenly finds himself in the company of a human called 'Tip', and together this unlikely pair must save the world together…


Who’s In It?

This is mostly a two-hander between Rihanna’s Tip and The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons’ Oh, but they get some help from Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez, who voice Captain Smek and Lucy respectively.


Does It Deliver?

This is a big, bold, colourful family adventure. The gags are loud, the one-liners excellent and the animation is dazzling, kids and adults alike will love it.


Home is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray and available to order here and in hmv stores all over the UK.

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