Five Reasons You’ll Love It - July 9, 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Five Reasons You'll Love It

After the huge success of How To Train Your Dragon, which grossed over £292 million worldwide at the box office, this week sees the UK release of one of the most highly anticipated sequels and biggest animated releases of the summer, How To Train Your Dragon 2...

With all the hype surrounding this sequel you might fear that it will be a disappointment. Don’t worry, Dean DeBlois (who you can our interview with here) the director has done a beautiful job of continuing the story, joining the cast 5 years later where dragons and Vikings are united. A coming of age story which is darker and more mature than its predecessor but still packed full of action and fun with amazing visual effect that will make you want to fly on your own dragon so bad!

We caught an early screening and here is five reasons why we think you are going to love it. Careful there might be some spoilers...


It’s got even more dragons...

With the Vikings' new found love for dragons means there are EVEN MORE dragons!! Not only are there more, but all shapes and builds, large and small, with DeBlois delving even deeper into the features and characteristics of the different dragons so you get know all their quirks. We don’t know about you but we wish Berk was a real place. We would be first in line to get our dragon saddle fitted!


Toothless has somehow gotten even cuter...

If this is at all possible, the Night Fury that melted all of our hearts in the first film is even more adorable! Hiccup and Toothless’ relationship has grown and they are ever more the troublesome duo. The flying, the comradery and the loyalty will make want a dragon so much you might cry with sadness at the fact that they don’t exist. Plus, without giving away a spoiler…Toothless is also now a total badass!


It’s got Cate Blanchett...

The plot thickens when Hiccup meets the elusive ‘Dragon Rider’ who actually turns out to be his mother (this is not a spoiler, it’s in the trailer for god's sake). Cate Blanchett takes on Valka, once the wife of Viking clan chief turned dragon rider and protector. We find out where Hiccup gets his dragon loving adventurous side from.


It’s got Kit Harrington...

Best known to everyone as Jon Snow of Game Of Thrones fame, Kit was obviously jealous that he hadn’t been involved in the dragon scenes in the show so he went and found his own. He joins the cast as Eret, son of Eret 'The best dragon catcher in all the land', a big bulky guy with a characteristic chin tattoo. A welcome addition to the dragon crew plus there are some hilarious close-ups of his animated characters bulging biceps!


There is a proper villain this time...

Now that dragons are the Viking’s new loyal companions we look to Drago Bludvist to be the villain of this film. Voiced by Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Blood Diamond) we get a dragon skin wearing, dreadlocked and scared evil dictator who causes a stir when he tries to steal Hiccup and co.’s beloved dragons. Look forward to an epic fight!


How To Train Your Dragon 2 is released into UK cinemas on Friday (July 11th)

How to Train Your Dragon 2
How to Train Your Dragon 2 Dean DeBlois
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