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Hunter Killer: What You Need To Know
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Hunter Killer: What You Need To Know

After battling against terrorists in Olympus Has Fallen and the forces of nature in Geostorm, Gerard Butler is back once again for more action-hero antics.

This time our hero finds himself in charge of an American submarine and mixed up in a Russian coup d'etat in Hunter Killer, which emerges from the deep and steers itself into store on Monday (February 25th). Here's everything you need to know...


Who's in it?

Butler heads up a cast that includes Gary Oldman, Toby Stephens, Common, Henry Goodman, Linda Cardellini and the late Michael Nyqvist in one of his last film appearances.


And who's directing?

South African director Donovan Marsh is the man calling the shots on this one. His previous directorial credits include 2010 coming-of-age comedy Spud and 2013 crime caper Avenged.


What's the plot?

The story begins with the disappearance of a U.S. submarine, the USS Tampa, while shadowing a Russian Akula-class nuclear submarine in the Arctic Ocean. Rear Admiral John Fisk (Common) dispatches another ship to investigate the Tampa's disappearance, sending in a nuclear-equipped hunter-killer submarine, the USS Arkansas, under the control of newly-promoted Commander Joe Glass (Butler).

A team of Navy SEALs is also dispatched on a reconnaissance mission to a Russian naval base, where they unexpectedly witness the Russian president being taken prisoner by the country's own defence minister Dmitri Dumov, who is engineering a coup d'etat in an attempt to trigger a war between Russia and the United States.

Glass is able to locate the missing U.S. submarine and also finds the wreckage of a Russian submarine, which has been sabotaged from within rather than attacked. Glass and his crew are able to rescue survivors from the Russian vessel, including the sub's commander, Captain Sergei Andropov (Nyqvist).

The Navy SEAL team are instructed to rescue the Russian president, sending the Arkansas to rendezvous with the team and collect them. Using Andropov's knowledge of the minefield, Glass is able to navigate towards the SEAL team's location, but soon finds his sub under attack from a Russian ship whose commander is loyal to Dumov. Glass is then faced with a dilemma – refuse to respond and risk the destruction of his ship, or engage the Russian ship and light the fuse for a third world war.


Does it deliver?

If you've caught any of the recent Gerard Butler vehicles If you enjoyed films like Crimson Tide and The Hunt for Red October, or if you're a fan of Tom Clancy's novels, then you'll probably find plenty to like about Hunter Killer too.



Hunter Killer is available in stores from Monday February 25th.


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