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“Becoming part of this world is just the best” - talks to two stars from Ice Age: Collision Course
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“Becoming part of this world is just the best” - talks to two stars from Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age: Collision Course is the fifth instalment in the franchise, which has grossed over $2.8 billion at the box office and continues to go from strength to strength.

It hits DVD shelves this Monday (Decemeber 5th, you can-order it on the right-hand side of the page) and in this instalment many of our heroes are forced to team up to stop an asteroid slamming into the earth and wiping out the whole of the animal kingdom.

Denis Leary, Ray Romano, Simon Pegg, Queen Latifah, John Leguizamo, Josh Peck, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Wedge all return to voice characters, while Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Adam DeVine, Nick Offerman, Max Greenfield, Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Rauch, Carlos Ponce, Michael Strahan, Jessie J and Neil deGrasse Tyson are all new additions to the voice cast.

To celebrate the film’s release, we talked to two of its many vocal stars, Max Greenfield (you’ll know him best as Schmidt from New Girl) and Josh Peck (of Drake and Josh fame)....


How did you get involved in the movie?

Max: “I got a phone call asking if I was interested and I think I got more excited about this than anything else I’ve ever done. It was so exciting, it’s such a great series and such an established one, I was so flattered to be asked.”


This is your fourth time making an Ice Age movie, how did it compare to the others?

Josh: “I think this movie has taken the franchise back to its roots and back to what people fell in love with in the first place. You really care about these characters, but it cracks up the whole time, there’s a lot more comedy in this one.”


How was it to make?

Max: “I’ve done some animation for TV, but this is totally different. The directors and the production team know this world so well that they know exactly what they need. You go in with them and then they take it away and then, maybe a month or so later, they call you back in, and then you repeat that process until it’s done. So you find it early and then fine-tune it.”

Were you on your own in the studio? And how is it seeing it all animated for the first time?

Max: “It was just me on my own, which makes it doubly cool when you see it put together, it’s incredible how well it works, given none of the other actors were in the room with you. My character is a much better actor than me.”

Josh: “It’s the best gig in Hollywood, you basically get to go to work in your pyjamas for a few hours at a time. You’re just there with the directors, you improvise until you get it and that’s usually when somebody laughs. Seeing it back is pretty incredible, you get to be a viewer and enjoy the whole thing, it’s more genuine than when you can see yourself and you spend the time analysing your performance.”


Were you a fan of the series before you got involved?

Max: “I’d seen all the films, I have two kids and my daughter is a big fan of Ice Age, so I knew the tone. The directors give you a lot of backstory and it’s quite easy to slot in. Becoming part of this world is just the best”.


Did you get much backstory?

Josh: “My character is pretty well established, but you need the directors to help you build the character in your head, every line is different and you need a different energy for all of them.”


Finally, if there’s an Ice Age 6, 7 and beyond, would you be up for it?

Max: “I have no clue what the plan is, but man oh man, I’d love to do another one, I’d do as many as I could.”

Josh: “I’m ready for Ice Age 10 at this point, I’m on this train for good, why would you want to get off?”

Ice Age: Collision Course is released into cinemas on DVD on Monday (December 5th) and is available to pre-order here in hmv's online store. 

Ice Age: Collision Course
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