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Idris Elba confirmed for Dark Tower series
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Idris Elba confirmed for Dark Tower series

As most avid fans of Stephen King will already be aware, the author's epic Dark Tower series of novels featuring the gunslinging protagonist Roland Deschain is already in the process of being transformed into a feature film, which is due to arrive in UK cinemas on February 17 next year, with Idris Elba in the role of Deschain alongside a cast that also includes Matthew McConaughey and Jackie Earle Haley.

But in addition to the film, which is being directed by Nikolaj Arcel, there are also plans for a TV series, intended to be a prequel of sorts based on the fourth book in the series, Wizard and Glass, which aims to fill in the film's epic backstory.

In honour of the author's birthday this week, MRC, the production company behind the film alongside Sony Pictures, have revealed further details of the series – in particular, the question over whether or not Elba will also be appearing in the film's companion piece.

They have now confirmed that Elba is indeed set to feature, but given that the events of the series are intended to take place before those of the film, another actor will be cast in the role of the younger Deschain, with Elba featuring as part of a framing device for the series, which also uses aspects of The Gunslinger in its storyline.

Series co-writer and producer outlined the idea in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying that: “In the movie, Roland is suffering tremendous loss. The most concrete, personal, existential heartbreak a character can have... If the movie chronicles his final reach toward hope again, the TV show is the loss of that hope.”

As yet, the showrunners have not confirmed who will be taking on the role of the younger Deschain and although the series is yet to find a deal with a network for broadcast, they are hopeful that production on the series could begin as early as next year.

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