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Indiana Jones 5 delayed until 2021
by Tom
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Indiana Jones 5 delayed until 2021

The fifth instalment of Indiana Jones has been delayed until 2021. 

Reports emerged at the end of June that the film was looking at delays from its scheduled 2020 release date after David Koepp, the writer who provided the screenplay for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, left the project. 

Now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, that has been confirmed, with the film now due out on July 9th in 2021, a delay of a full year. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story writer Jonathan Kasdan has replaced Koepp and will now complete a new script. 

Harrison Ford, who has starred as Indiana Jones in each of the explorer's four previous cinematic outings, last appearing in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull back in 2008, will return once again for the new movie. 

Steven Spielberg is confirmed to direct the new movie. 

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Indiana Jones: The Complete Collection

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