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Indiana Jones 5 gets a new screenwriter, but could be delayed
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Indiana Jones 5 gets a new screenwriter, but could be delayed

It seems that Steven Spielberg's upcoming fifth instalment in the Indiana Jones series has landed a new screenwriter, but reports suggest that the film could miss its scheduled 2020 release date as a result.

David Koepp, the writer who provided the screenplay for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, left the project recently and, according to Collider, Spielberg and his team have drafted in a replacement. Solo: A Star Wars Story writer Jonathan Kasdan is the man reported to be taking Koepp's place, but Variety is reporting that the fifth Indiana Jones movie is likely to miss its scheduled release date of April 2020 because the production will now have to be moved back.

The reasons for Koepp's departure are unclear, but Kasdan makes for an intriguing replacement not only because of his recent work on another Lucasfilm project – which happens to involve another iconic Harrison Ford character – but also because Kasdan's father, Lawrence, was the man who wrote the script for the very first Indiana Jones film, 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark.

There has been no official word from Lucasfilm as yet, and it isn't clear whether Kasdan will be tasked with tweaking Koepp's script or starting from scratch, but Variety's report suggests that there is a fair amount of work still to be done and that shooting is now unlikely to start in April next year, as Spielberg had originally planned.

That means that the project could struggle to meet the planned April 2020 release date, not least because Spielberg already has a pretty full roster or projects on the go, with a remake of West Side Story and another film The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara, starring Mark Rylance, both in the works.

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