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Invisibility revealed to be the UK’s most wanted superpower
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Invisibility revealed to be the UK’s most wanted superpower

The power of invisibility is the UK’s most popular superpower, according to new research carried out by hmv.

After surveying over 2,000 people, invisibility came out on top when punters were asked what superpower they would most like to possess with just over 15% of the vote. The power of healing came in second, with time travel in third, flight in fourth and immortality in fifth.

Teleportation, communication with animals, mind control, telepathy and superhuman strength made up the rest of the Top 10.

Among the heroes with the power of invisibility are Sue Storm-Richards of the Fantastic Four and X-Men’s Cipher, while villains with the ability include Spider-Man’s great nemesis Venom.


The Top 10 Most Wanted Superpowers are as follows:

1. Invisibility (15.15%)

2. Healing (14.5%)

3. Time travel (13.8%)

4. Flying (11.9%)

5. Immortality (8.55%)

6. Teleportation (6.55%)

7. Communicating with animals (6.2%)

8. Mind control (5.15%)

9. Telepathy (2.45%)

10. Superhuman strength (2%)

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