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Isaac Hempstead Wright confirms Bran Stark will be back for Game Of Thrones' sixth season
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Isaac Hempstead Wright confirms Bran Stark will be back for Game Of Thrones' sixth season

Isaac Hempstead Wright has confirmed that his character Bran Stark will be back for the sixth season of Game Of Thrones. 

Hempstead Wright and co-star Kristian Nairn, who play Bran and Hodor, had no role in the show's fifth season, but are both set to return for the next series, which will hit screens next year. 

He told the Irish Examiner: "I can't say a lot, but I am back this season and it's going to get particularly interesting with Bran. He has some interesting visions."

Earlier this month HBO confirmed the list of directors for the show's sixth season. First up is Jeremy Podeswa, who has directed on both Boardwalk Empire and Tudors in the past and he was also behind the camera on two episodes of Game Of Thrones' most recent series, he'll take charge of the first two episodes. 

Second is Daniel Sackham, who is making his debut with the show. He has previously worked on The X-Files and House and will direct episodes three and four. After that comes Jack Bender, who is best known for directing a whopping 38 episodes of Lost, he'll be behind the camera on episodes five and six.

Fourth up is Mark Mylod, who returns for two more episodes after directing both 'High Sparrow' and 'Sons Of The Harpy' in this series, and finally, Miguel Sapochnik, who is given the final two epsiodes. Sapochnik directed the epic 'Hardhome' episode of season five and this time has the task of helming the finale. 

Game Of Thrones' fifth season will be released on DVD next year. To check out each of the previous four seasons on DVD in our online store, click here. 

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