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"The whole system is designed so that a minority of people benefit..." Jack O'Connell talks Money Monster with
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"The whole system is designed so that a minority of people benefit..." talks to Jack O'Connell

The Big Short was one of the more unusual contenders at this year's Oscars, using comedy to deliver a serious story about corruption in the banking industry, but director Adam McKay isn't the only one with an axe to grind against the world of finance and next week sees the arrivial of Money Monster, a new thriller directed by Jodie Foster that tackles the issue of financial corruption from another angle.

Starring alongside George Clooney and Julia Roberts, Jack O'Connell takes on the role of a young man who sees his life savings swallowed up in a collapsed investment, but he's convinced he's been swindled and in order to get justice he resorts to desperate measures, taking the presenter of a well-known financial TV programme hostage in the hope of finally getting some answers.

With the film arriving in stores on Monday (October 3rd) we sat down with Jack to talk about working under the direction of Jodie Foster, being billed alongside Hollywood heavyweights, and mastering the Brooklyn accent with the help of some local firefighters...


Watch our interview with Jack below!


Money Monster
Money Monster Jodie Foster

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