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Jared Leto's vampire blockbuster Morbius delayed once again
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Jared Leto's vampire blockbuster Morbius delayed once again

Morbius, the new vampire blockbuster starring Jared Leto, has been delayed once again. 

The movie was originally due for release in July of 2020, but has suffered numerous delays amid the onset of the pandemic. It had finally been set to come out on January 28th, but will now come into cinemas on April 1st. 

Morbius stars Leto as Michael Morbius, a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who tries to cure a rare blood disease using an experimental treatment that combines electroshock therapy and vampire bats.

Sadly, things don't exactly work out and Morbius gains a taste for human blood. As well as this, he can fly, has superhuman strength and healing capabilities.

When he bites victims and drinks their blood, his attacks can prove lethal, but when bitten by him, his victims do not become vampires.

That taste puts him in the FBI’s sights and he’s forced to take to the shadows.

Starring alongside Leto are Adria Arjona, Matt Smith, Jared Harris and Tyrese Gibson, while Life director Daniel Espinosa is behind the camera. 

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