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"I was happy to have another chance to voice John Kramer..." talks Jigsaw with Tobin Bell
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"I was happy to have another chance to voice John Kramer..." talks Jigsaw with Tobin Bell

Originally the creation of director James Wan and Leigh Wannell, the 2004 film Saw represented something of a paradigm shift in the horror film genre; a low-budget film that eschewed the typical slasher and haunted house tropes in favour of a taut psychological thriller – with plenty of gore thrown in, of course.

The success of the original film would go on to spawn a whole new franchise that produced a further six Saw movies, a handful of video games and even a series of theme park rides, all of which inspired by or featuring the sadistic games and traps laid for victims by the series' malevolent antagonist John Kramer, more infamously known as the 'Jigsaw Killer'.

The arrival in 2010 of the seventh film in the franchise, Kevin Greutert's Saw 3D, was understood to be the final chapter in Kramer's saga, but this week a new film bearing Jigsaw's name sees Kramer's haunting crimes return to the big screen.

Jigsaw arrives in UK cinemas this Thursday (October 26) and sees police investigating a series of grisly deaths bearing all the hallmarks of those masterminded by the now long-dead Kramer, and it appears that either Kramer has somehow miraculously cheated death and returned to action, or somebody is continuing his work.

With the film arriving in on DVD shelves on Monday (February 26th, you can pre-order it now on the right-hand side of the page), we caught up with Tobin Bell, the man who has portrayed John Kramer from the beginning, to talk about why the time was right for Kramer and his crimes to return.

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