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"I read the script and absolutely fell in love..." talks to John Krasinski
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"I read the script and absolutely fell in love..." talks to John Krasinski

John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt have been busy lately, with the former set to appear in a new TV adaptation of Tom Clancy's stories featuring Jack Ryan later this year, while the latter, of course, is set to tackle the daunting task of filling Julie Andrews' shoes in the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns.

Despite their hectic schedules - and not to mention the fact they've just had their second child together - they've managed to find time to work together onscreen for the first time in a tense new horror film directed by Krasinski himself. Based on a story by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, A Quiet Place stars Krasinski and Blunt as a married couple with two children who are forced to live in total silence thanks to the presence of some mysterious and terrifying creatures occupying the farm where they live, and who will hunt and attack them at the slightest noise.

With the film hit DVD shelves on Monday (August 13th), we sat down with John to talk about working with his wife for the first time, casting the film's two young actors Millicent Simmons and Noah Jupe, and why he's a "scaredy cat" when it comes to horror films.

Watch our interview with John below...


A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place John Krasinski

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