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John Malkovich to star in HBO's follow-up to The Young Pope
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John Malkovich to star in HBO's follow-up to The Young Pope

Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino has been busy working on a follow-up to his 2016 limited series The Young Pope, which starred Jude Law as a young, ruthless and highly unconventional American cardinal who finds himself elevated to the highest office in the Catholic Church. Now it seems that that its follow-up series has a major new addition to its roster.

John Malkovich has reportedly signed on to join the cast of The New Pope, Sorrentino's follow-up series announced in May which, like its predecessor, will be a joint production between HBO and Sky and is due to begin production later this year.

Details of the new show's plot are yet to be confirmed, but it has previously been stated that The New Pope would not be a continuation of The Young Pope's narrative and it has been rumoured that Malkovich is set to play a new pontiff in a completely new story. However, Jude Law is also set to return for the new series, but it isn't clear at this stage if Law will reprise the same role, or how – if at all – the two stories will fit together.

We do know however that Sorrentino will once again be overseeing the new series, writing the scrip t alongside screenwriters Umberto Contarello, who worked on The Young Pope, and Stefano Bises. Production is due to begin in Italy in November.

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