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John Wick screenwriter working on Streets of Rage movie
by James
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John Wick screenwriter working on Streets of Rage movie

From Tomb Raider to Resident Evil there have been no shortage of classic video games to end up on the big screen over the years – some great, some OK and some Super Mario Bros. (1993) – but according to a new report from Deadline there could be another new addition on the way in the form of a movie based on Sega’s classic side-scrolling beat-‘em-up Streets of Rage, with John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad understood to be working on a script.

Some games lend themselves to adaptation more than others, of course, but the uncomplicated nature of Streets of Rage potentially provides a solid platform for a great action movie in the right hands – and few hands could be more capable than Kolstad’s, who has provided the scripts for what has arguably the best new action franchise of the last decade.

Sonic the Hedgehog producers dj2 entertainment and Escape Artists (The Equalizer, A Journal for Jordan) are behind the project and will be hoping (along with any Streets of Rage fans) that Kolstad’s script will see one of the big studios take the plunge and put the movie into production. Until then, watch this space…

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