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Johnny English Strikes Again: What You Need To Know
by James
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Johnny English Strikes Again: What You Need To Know

Almost eight years after Britain's most inept spy made his last outing on the big screen, Johnny English returned to cinemas in October last year and this week sees the arrival in stores of his third espionage adventure.

Johnny English Strikes Again lands in stores on Monday (February 18th), here's everything you need to know...


Who’s in it?

Rowan Atkinson returns as the calamitous secret agent Johnny English, starring alongside a cast that includes Emma Thompson, Ben Miller, Olga Kurylenko, Michael Gambon and Charles Dance.


And who’s directing?

The film is a feature-length directorial debut for David Kerr, a British director with an impressive track record of TV comedies under his belt, including That Mitchell & Webb Look, No Offence, Fresh Meat and Inside No.9.


What’s the plot?

At the outset we find our hapless hero working as a geography teacher, having long since hung up his gun holster and retired from the world of espionage – although in reality, English is actually running a programme to train young, would-be secret agents. However, after a huge cyber attack on MI7 that causes a list of all of their active agents to be leaked, the entire roster of British spies find themselves exposed.

With their cover blown, MI7 is forced to reactivate some of its retired agents – including, of course, Johnny English. English is tasked with tracking down the perpetrators and heads to the south of France with his former assistant Angus Bough (Miller), where the attack seems to have originated from. They trace the source of the attack to a yacht named Dot Calm, which they discover is owned by Silicon Valley billionaire Jason Volta (played by Jake Lacy).

Volta has been building a new system, ostensibly to improve data management, which he is due to pitch to the leaders of the G12 at an upcoming summit in Scotland, including the UK's Prime Minister (Thompson). English, who has struggled to endear himself to his new boss following a series of mishaps, faces a battle to convince the world's leaders that Volta is behind the attacks before he is able to deliver his new system to the world's governments and exploit their data for his own nefarious ends.


Does it deliver?

If you're looking for a sophisticated spy movie then you won't find much of that here, but the film's impressive cast put in some entertaining performances and there are few laughs on offer. If you're a fan of Rowan Atkinson and you're looking to fill a couple of hours with some big, dumb fun, then maybe this is the big dumb movie for you.



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