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Journey’s End - What You Need To Know
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Journey’s End - What You Need To Know

Harrowing war story Journey’s End has lived many lives, both onstage and on screen.

It began life as a stage play back in 1928 and was first performed at the Apollo Theatre in London with a young Laurence Olivier in the starring role. Since then it’s been revived in theatres numerous times and taken to the screens four times including 1976’s Aces High and by the BBC in 1988 for a TV film.

It’s latest, a film adaptation with an all-star cast, arrives on DVD shelves on Monday (June 4th) and here is everything you need to know about it...


Who’s in it?

It’s something of a who’s who of British big-screen acting talent, with Sam Claflin, Asa Butterfield, Paul Bettany, Tom Sturridge and Toby Jones all in the key cast. TV veterans Stephen Graham, Robert Glenister and Miles Jupp are around to lend a supporting hand too.


And who’s behind the camera?

Saul Dibb, whose previous credits include another war drama in Suite Francaise and period hit The Duchess, is on directing duty. Acclaimed playwright Simon Reade provides the screenplay.  


What’s the plot?

The story begins with Claflin’s Captain Stanhope and his troupe, C-Company, who are newly arrived in northern France to take their turn in the front-line trenches as World War I continues.

Not long after they arrive, Stanhope is told that a German offensive is imminent, a revelation that leads him to drown his fears in whisky whilst the his fellow officers (Bettany, Graham, Sturridge) and their cook (Jones) attempt to distract themselves in their dugout with talk of food and life before war.

As they prepare for the offensive, they are joined by a young recruit named Raleigh (Asa Butterfield). Raleigh is fresh out of training excited about his first real posting, and a chance to serve under Stanhope, a friend from childhood. Sadly, the Stanhope he remembers is a very changed man.

Can they stir themselves and survive the offensive? We shall see...


Does it deliver?

This is gripping and powerful drama, skillfully adapted, beautifully designed and impeccably cast.

Journey’s End is released on DVD shelves on Monday (June 4th) and is available to pre-order here in hmv’s online store.

Journey's End
Journey's End Saul Dibb

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