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Julia Stiles confirms she will return for Bourne 5
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Julia Stiles confirms she will return for Bourne 5

Julia Stiles has confirmed that she will be returning to star in the new Bourne movie. 

The new movie, which is currently just known as Bourne 5, will feature Matt Damon returning to the role of Jason Bourne and see director Paul Greengrass return to the director's chair. 

Stiles played analyst and logistics technician Nicky Parsons in each of the first three Bourne movies, but did not return for 2012's The Bourne Legacy, which saw Jeremy Renner take over from Damon in the leading role.

She has, according to Deadline, now signed on for Bourne 5, becoming only the second confirmed casting for the new blockbuster. 

Before agreeing to return for this new movie, Matt Damon had stated that he had no intention of of returning for a fourth time while Greengrass wasn’t involved and both had publicly said that they didn't believe there was anywhere left to take the character and they would not return unless a compelling story was brought forward. 

As it turns out that story will actually be written by Damon and Greengrass themselves, in collaboration with Greengrass's regular editor Christopher Rouse. 

Bourne 5 will be released on July 29th in 2016. 



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