Five Reasons You’ll Love It - October 16, 2015

Jurassic World - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Jurassic World - Five Reasons You'll Love It

It’s been 14 years since we were last in the world of Jurassic Park and a lot has changed in the years in between. John Hammond’s dream is now a reality with Jurassic World, a fully functioning and profit-making theme park. Guests stay in luxury hotels and sip on expensive soft drinks as they wait in line to catch a glimpse of the creatures who ruled the earth all those millions of years ago.

Trouble is, people get bored so easily, so the park’s backers have turned to the power of DNA reconstruction once again and come up with Indominus Rex, a dinosaur designed to be bigger, faster and deadlier than the Tyrannosaurus Rex and bring attendance back up once again. The creature is about to be unveiled to the public, but there’s some last-minute testing to be done before the new era of Jurassic World can begin. 

A brand new era needs a brand new cast and this time we’re led by Parks and Recreation and Guardians Of The Galaxy star Chris Pratt, The Help’s Bryce Dallas Howard, New Girl’s Jake Johnson and The Judge’s quiet powerhouse Vincent D’Onforio.

Pratt plays Owen Grady, a straight-talking ranger who suddenly has to turn action hero when Indominus Rex escapes her paddock and begins laying siege to the park. Howard plays Claire Dearing, the park’s uptight manager who's only interested in the bottom line, and she’s doubly stressed because her nephews are in town to visit and they’re about to get caught up in some serious carnage…

The film is released on exclusive hmv Blu-Ray Steelbook, DVD and Blu-Ray on October 19th (all of those can be pre-ordered here and on the right of the page), but we caught an early screening and have rounded up five reasons you’ll love it.


Indominus Rex…

The whole movie is predicated on the scale, power and just sheer terror that this brand new genetically engineered monster brings, but it more than matches up to the hype. It’s a while before you see her, but the only reaction you’ll find yourself emitting is a gasp of pure wonder.


And the rest of the gang…

Most of the hype around the movie has rightly been focused on Indominus Rex, but there are plenty of other prehistoric wonders. The enormous mosasaur (that’s the dinosaur who eats the shark in the trailer), the ever-terrifying T-Rex and the terrifying Pteranodons.


Chris Pratt is an excellent leading man…

Anyone who saw Guardians Of The Galaxy knew that already, but this is a less zany character, a character who doesn’t get to rely on humour quite as much. He’s stoic, but still has that playful spirit that means you can’t help but root for him.


The park looks incredible…

This really is John Hammond’s dream come true. The detail in the creation of the park itself is incredible, from the merch stands to the monorail to the endless dino-based attractions, you’ll be bowled over.


It’s set up nicely for a return…

We won’t give away too much, but put it this way; the way the film ends means there’s every chance we’ll be back in Jurassic World soon enough.


Jurassic World will be released on DVD on October 19th. You can pre-order the hmv exclusive 2D and 3D Blu-Ray steelbookDVD and Blu-Ray here.


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