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Jurassic World is the start of a trilogy, sequel director reveals
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Jurassic World is the start of a trilogy, sequel director reveals

Juan Antonio Bayona has revealed that Jurassic World was the beginning of a trilogy. 

Speaking to LRM, Bayona, who is to direct the sequel to Jurassic World, revealed that the movie is part of a trilogy and he will direct the second part. 

He said: "The whole 'Jurassic World' is a trilogy that Colin Trevorrow has envisioned. We're writing the second chapter, and it's very interesting where he's leading the story."

The director, who is best known for his work on The Impossible, takes over from Colin Trevorrow, who opted not to direct the sequel, but has written the script with regular collaborator Derek Connolly.

The sequel will arrive in cinemas on June 22nd in 2018. Both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will return to star in the sequel. 

Jurassic World has been directed by Trevorrow and also stars Judy Greer, Jake Johnson, Ty Simpkins and Omar Sy. The movie is the first film to emerge from the Jurassic Park franchise since 2001 and acts as a direct sequel to the earlier movie trilogy.

It follows Pratt's Owen, a park ranger who tries to lead a rescue mission for tourists trapped in the revamped theme park after Rex, a monstrous genetically-modified dinosaur, goes on the rampage.

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