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Kate Beckinsale and Divergent's Theo James to star in Underworld 5
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Kate Beckinsale and Divergent's Theo James to star in Underworld 5

Kate Beckinsale is to return to star in a fifth Underworld movie. 

Reports had suggested that the actress may not return for the fifth instalment and that the series would be rebooted, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, she has now signed on to star in a new movie. 

The next instalment will be directed by Anna Foerster, who has acted as second unit director on a series of blockbusters, including The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day. The new Underworld movie will be her debut as a director. 

Divergent star Theo James will return as David, the ally of Beckinsale's character Selena, after debuting the character in Underworld: Awakening.

The Underworld series has yielded four films so far, 2003's Underworld, 2006's Underworld: Evolution, 2009's prequel Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans and the most recent effort, 2012's Underworld: Awakening. Between them, the films have made over $458 million in box office receipts.

The film series tells the story of the battle that has raged between vampires and lycans (werewolf-like creatures) for centuries, especially focusing on Selena's quest to kill the lycans who murdered her family. 


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