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Keanu Reeves confirmed for John Wick 2
by John
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Keanu Reeves confirmed for John Wick 2

The trio who made John Wick such an unexpected hit upon its release in 2014 have signed on the dotted line to attempt to recreate the original’s success. Directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, along with star Keanu Reeves, will all return for a sequel to last year’s John Wick.

Lionsgate president Jason Constantine said that he had greenlit the project based on the “tremendous fan and critical support” the movie had enjoyed since its release and that he will begin looking for an international distribution deal at the Cannes Film Festival later this month.

The first film starred Reeves as an assassin attempting to avenge a group of Russian mobsters who killed his puppy and, while that might not sound like the most enticing plotline, it was really quite a fun movie – and earned more than $78M at the global box office, as well as praise from both fans and critics.

Can all concerned capture lightning in a bottle again this time around? Time will tell.

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