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Kevin Smith announces he’s making Mallrats 2
by John
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Kevin Smith announces he’s making Mallrats 2

The Generation X comedy is coming back for more.

More than twenty years after going into production on the original Mallrats, the film’s director Kevin Smith has announced that he’s beginning work on a sequel to the cult classic comedy.

Kevin Smith has never been against revisiting his past work (the second sequel to his debut film Clerks is currently in production) and the New Jersey native looks set to go back to the well once more after revealing he’s planning a brand new Mallrats movie.

The original came out in 1995 and starred Jason Lee, Jeremy London, Shannon Doherty and Ben Affleck.

“I hate to disappoint people but, yes, I am doing a Mallrats sequel”, Smith said on his Hollywood Babble-On podcast, going on to reveal that the project is in tribute to the original film’s producer James Jacks who passed away last year.

Jacks and Smith had a running joke about working on a sequel to the film together and Smith has decided to honour his friend by actually putting the film into production.

Smith originally worked on a sequel back in the 90’s called Mallrats: Die Hard in a Mall but it’s unclear if this will actually act as the film’s source material.

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