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King Kong to return to cinema screens in 2016 with Skull Island
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King Kong to return to cinema screens in 2016 with Skull Island

Legendary Pictures has announced that it will be bringing King Kong back to the big screen in 2016 with a new film named Skull Island. 

The new film was announced by Legendary CEO Thomas Tull at this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con as part of the studio's presentation, with a release date of November 4th 2016 already confirmed. 

Announcing the film in a short teaser, which has not been placed online, the short piece of footage focused on a deserted island, followed by a lingering shot of a giant skull before turning to show King Kong himself. 

There has been no official announcement on who will be starring in or directing the new film, but with a release date of 2016 already confirmed, that will have to be announced soon. 

The last time King Kong was up on cinema screens was in 2005, when Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson produced a remake of the original 1933 classic, starring Naomi Watts, Jack Black and Adrian Brody. 

In the same presentation, Tull also confirmed that Godzilla, which was a big hit at the box office earlier this year, would be getting a sequel, again directed by Gareth Edwards. It also confirmed that Gdozilla's old enemies Rodan, Mothra and Ghidora are set to face off with the lizard king in the sequel. talks to the cast and director of Godzilla

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