Created and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and inspired by the classic fairy tale The Snow Queen, Frozen is an animated musical fantasy film that took the world by storm in 2013.

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Whilst Disney’s Frozen was always set to be a big hit, it has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon. Exceeding all expectations, even now, the Frozen frenzy is far from over.


The number of people it took to make the scene when Elsa building her ice palace

$1.2 billion

The amount Frozen made at box office


The year Frozen fever hit the world (and it hasn’t stopped since)


Frozen tells the story of two orphaned sisters, Princess Anna and her sister Queen Elsa. Elsa has magical powers that allow her to create snow and ice from her hands, which is something she struggles to control. When her secret is revealed, she flees, and inadvertently leaves the kingdom trapped in a state of eternal winter. Her fearless sister, Princess Anna sets out to bring her back, accompanied by the grumpy Kristoff and the friendly snowman Olaf.

Frozen Fever

But what is it that makes Frozen so much more loveable than previous princess movies?

Little girls have long been drawn to princesses, so it’s easy to assume that Disney’s 53rd in-house animated feature, would follow the formula of many classic stories that came before it. However, the story centres on the love and relationship between the two sisters, which is something that’s not explored all that often in Disney films. Princess Anna is a strong character who shows us the beauty of unconditional love, going to great lengths out of adoration for her sister. Whilst Queen Elsa’s experience is about growing up, becoming your own person, and learning not to be ashamed of yourself.

And let’s face it: a funny, quick-witted, mischievous sidekick (in the form of chatty snowman Olaf) is an unwritten requirement of any great animated kids’ movie.

‘Let it Go’

It’s not just the film that smashed box office records. The accompanying soundtrack - especially the hit single ‘Let It Go’ - made records of its own and has had many children (and parents) singing along ever since.

Selling over 10.5 million copies, Idina Menzel's version of 'Let It Go' from the Frozen soundtrack was the fifth-biggest selling single of 2014. With more than 3 million album sales, an Academy Award and hundreds of millions of YouTube views, this soundtrack really did capture the hearts and minds of children all around the world.

Frozen 2

After the overwhelming success of the first film, it was obvious that a sequel would follow an to the excitement of children (and parents) everywhere, Disney has announced that Frozen 2 is in the works.

Set for 2018, it’ll be a busy year for film makers, as many highly-skilled specialists are involved with the intricate production. During the creation of the first film it took a staggering 50 people to work on the scene that features Elsa building her ice palace, with one frame alone taking a huge 30 hours to render.

Frozen makes animation history

After making an impressive $1.2 billion, 2013’s Frozen knocked Toy Story 3 off the top spot as the highest-grossing animated film in history. With a sequel scheduled for 2018, live shows and theme park rides, this feel-good family film is a sensation across every form of pop culture. And now it’s hard to think back to a time before this big-screen fairy tale captured our imagination.

The Frozen phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down, but if you’ve not yet seen it, be cautious, you’ll be singing 'Let It Go' for weeks to come.

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