Game of Thrones

Based George R.R. Martin's best-selling book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" this medieval fantasy epic follows the fight for the control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. It's highly addictive and is easily one of our top 10 TV shows of all time.

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“After seven seasons and 67 episodes, there is now only one season left for Game of Thrones. As we get closer and closer to the finale, we can’t wait to find out who'll be left ruling the Seven Kingdoms.”


The cost of the 28-inch wig Emilia Clarke wears whilst playing Daenerys Targaryen

£150 million

The worth of Game Of Thrones to the Northern Irish economy


The number of months it took to create the iconic 8ft Iron Throne

HBO's Game of Thrones

Just in case you’ve not yet managed to watch the series (where’ve you been, by the way?) or you just need a catch-up, here’s everything you need to know about Game of Thrones.                     

Game of Thrones: What’s it all about? 

Game of Thrones is set in the mythical lands of Westeros and Essos and follows the attempts of competing claimants to the Iron Throne as they vie for control of the Seven Kingdoms. Created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the series premiered on April 17th 2011 and has steadily grown its audience with each new season, gaining an army of loyal fans from all over the world. 

The world of Game of Thrones 

The lands of Westeros and Essos are divided into the aforementioned Seven Kingdoms, each ruled over by a different family, or 'house'. The main ruling houses include the Targaryens, the Baratheons and the Greyjoys, but there are many others with their own claims to the Iron Throne such as the Starks, the Martells and the Tyrells.

The family trees and the relationships between them are infamously complex, so newcomers be warned: this is a show you really need to watch from the beginning. Even those who have been following Game of Thrones from the first season need to stay glued to their screens; the revelations about the bloodlines in each family often come thick and fast, and the balance of power shifts and changes from one season to the next.                     

Game of Thrones: Scenes of a sexual nature 

This medieval fantasy drama has featured some of the raciest and goriest moments ever screened on television. With a significant dose of nudity and many scenes of a sexual nature, the programme-makers even had to enlist porn stars to appear in some of the more daring scenes. Across the first five seasons, there were over 50 appearances of breasts. However, season six chose blood over boobs; whilst the programme-makers increased the level of brutality, it was probably one of the least sexy seasons in the series so far.                     

The special effects 

With the average episode costing HBO $10 million to make, it’s no surprise that each episode leaves viewers astounded by some of the special effects used to bring the fantasy world to life.

If you're the impatient type and you find yourself fast-forwarding through the intro in anticipation of the episode to come… don’t! The opening sequence introduces viewers to Westeros and highlights where that episode's storyline is set to take place, as if each location is a moving piece in a game of chess. If you've missed this, it’s definitely worth a re-watch!                     

Who watches Game of Thrones

With more than 8 million people tuning into the season six finale – and that's just in the U.S. - Game of Thrones has earned its status as one of the TV shows of the century. The programme has revitalised a genre that many people usually associate with a male-dominated fan base; female fans from across the globe now make up 42% of its viewers. Who says women aren't fantasy fans?

Not watched Game of Thrones yet? You may find yourself regretting your decision on Tuesday mornings, when talk of Jon Snow spreads across the office...                     

Winter is coming… 

With only one final season and a mere six episodes left to go before the final curtain comes down on HBO’s Game of Thrones, speculation is building as we get closer and closer to the conclusion of this epic fantasy. In this world, seasons can last for years, but with a forgotten race bent on destruction planning to return to the North after thousands of years, there's one thing you can count on: winter is coming!

It's time to start placing your bets on who'll be left ruling the realm, but until then we’re looking forward to following the events that unfold in the mythical land of Westeros.


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