Suicide Squad

This summer's biggest blockbuster: Villains you know and love, as well as plenty that you don’t, all teaming up for DC’s latest adventure.

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Iconic villains causing all kinds of mayhem.


The year the Suicide Squad first appeared in the comic series The Brave and The Bold


The year that the Joker first appeared on screen, played by Cesar Romero

Bravo 14

The codename for the movie while it was in production

Suicide Squad

Introducing the Suicide Squad

The latest arrival from the DC Universe, Suicide Squad sees a motley crew of characters from the comic books of DC rounded up into a rag-tag bunch of unlikely heroes who may just be humanity's last chance of salvation. The most famous of these is The Joker, best known of course as the arch-nemesis of Batman, but not all of the characters are as well-known as and they all come with a fair chunk of back history. So, by way of introduction, here is a quick guide to the Suicide Squad and the rest of the characters you'll be meeting...

The Joker

This guy needs little introduction, but this time he’ll be played by Jared Leto, who has promised to deliver a more brutal and madcap take on the character.

Harley Quinn

After being introduced as a psychiatrist tasked with treating The Joker, Harley Quinn turned to crime after falling in love with her patient. Margot Robbie, star of The Wolf Of Wall Street and The Legend Of Tarzan, takes on the role of Quinn. 


Cara Delevingne continues her transition from supermodel to screen superstar with her role as Enchantress. An near-immortal being who has remained dormant for hundreds of years, she is awakened by an explorer named June Moore and takes possesion of her body - and sometimes her mind too. 

Captain Boomerang

Jai Courtney, best known for his roles in Terminator: Genisys and the Spartacus TV series, plays Captain Boomerang, a skilful Aussie assassin who fires deadly boomerangs. 


One of the world’s greatest and most notorious DC assassins, Deadshot never misses a target. Will Smith takes this role. 

Killer Croc

Famous for having a rare genetic condition that causes him to grow reptilian-like features, including scales and pointy teeth, this will be the first time he’ll be making an appearance on the big screen. He's played here by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who you’ll know best from his roles in Lost and Pompeii


Cowboys & Aliens’ Adam Beach will be the actor bringing Slipknot to life. Living up to his name, his speciality lies in the mastery of knots and ropes. 


Her first on-screen appearance, Karen Fukuhara will be playing the expert swordswoman and martial artist in Suicide Squad. Katana wields a weapon called the ‘Soultaker’, a samurai sword which collects the souls of everyone it kills. 

El Diablo

Shaving off all of his hair for the part and sporting some impressive tattoos, Hostel’s Jay Hernandez takes the role of El Diablo. Originally a gangster with the power of pyrokinesis (the psychic ability to control fire with the mind), the skeleton-faced villain has a long-running obsession with fire and has the ability to shoot flames out of his palms. 

Rick Flag

RoboCop and House Of Cards’ Joel Kinnaman plays Rick Flag, a former Special Forces operative on hand to keep ‘Task Force X’ under control. Though Rick is highly-skilled and trained, he’s not blessed with any superpowers. 

Amanda Waller

How To Get Away With Murder leading lady Viola Davis plays Amanda Waller, the agent who runs the Suicide Squad on behalf of the government. As far as she’s concerned, all of ‘Task Force X’ are seen as expendable assets... 


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