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Lena Waithe joins the cast of Westworld's third season
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Lena Waithe joins the cast of Westworld's third season

Lena Waithe has become the latest confirmed addition to the cast of Westworld, as the HBO series continues its slow but steady path to Season 3. Known chiefly for her appearances in TV series such as Dear White People and Master of None, as well as her role in Steven Spielberg's big screen adaptation of Ready Player One, Waithe becomes the second confirmed new addition to the show's cast, following the arrival of Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have remained characteristically tight-lipped about the plot for the third season, but also revealed that they have had the storyline for the show's third season in mind since they were beginning to write Season 1, even suggesting that they already know exactly how the third season's final episode will play out.

What we do know however is that Season 3 will be a very different beast to its predecessors, since it is set to take place largely outside the park and in the real world. Joy has also said that there will “absolutely” be appearances at some point from the other three 'worlds' contained in the giant park complex, something only hinted at in previous episodes.

Beyond that, we know very little about how the show's third season will take shape. While Paul and Waithe are both confirmed additions to the cast, details of their characters have yet to be revealed and it's likely we''ll have to wait for some time to find out. The show was only scheduled to begin shooting again in March this year and while no release date has been confirmed as yet, it is looking increasingly likely that the third season won't appear on screens until 2020.

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