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Licorice Pizza - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Licorice Pizza - Five Reasons You'll Love It


Licorice Pizza is out now in UK cinemas and will be released on DVD in the coming weeks, but we caught an early screening and have rounded up five reasons why you'll love Anderson's latest gem...


It's tender and sweet, but you never hit schmaltz...

Licorice Pizza is a hard film to pin down. At one level it's a coming of age story, on another it's a drama about a complex relationship, and on another, it's a madcap comedy. At 133 minutes, it takes its time to get to places, but it never feels like it's meandering. It's a film that will bring a big smile to your face over and over again. 


It's very, very funny...

Anderson's script is warm, witty, and, at times, very, very silly. You'll be laughing a lot. 


The two leads are impeccably cast...

Both Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim have history with Anderson. In fact, Anderson and the Haim family go way back, all the way back to his childhood. Anderson has directed a number of Haim's music videos and wrote the part with Alan in mind. Given it's her first time acting outside of the band, the singer does a remarkable job. 

Anderson collaborated with Philip Seymour Hoffman on five of his movies in the past, but, unlike Haim, he did not write the part specifically. 


But Bradley Cooper almost steals the show...

Cooper plays Jon Peters. Peters is one of those larger than life Hollywood characters who somehow rose from cutting hair to producing some of the biggest movies on the planet. His role in this film is fleeting, but Cooper plays it with great gusto and hilarity. It's no wonder there's Oscar talk around it. 


Anderson's taste remains as impeccable as ever...

The period detail is bright and precise, the cinematography is elegant and the soundtrack, which features the likes of Wings, David Bowie, and Nina Simone is a joy to take in. 


Licorice Pizza is out now in cinemas and will be released on DVD in the coming weeks. 

You can check out Paul Thomas Anderson's back catalogue as well as the film's soundtrack here in hmv's online store. 

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