Five Reasons You’ll Love It - February 3, 2017

Loving – Five Reasons You’ll Love It
by Kim
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Loving – Five Reasons You’ll Love It

It is deeply unsettling to consider we are less than one generation removed from the era when an American man and woman could be imprisoned for falling in love, marrying and having kids.

Yet it was 1967 when Virginia couple Richard and Mildred Loving – him white, her black - faced the Supreme Court as plaintiffs in a hard-won but ground-breaking case on the legality of interracial marriage. The Loving’s extraordinary story is the basis for the new historical drama Loving, which opens in select cities throughout November. (Scroll down for specific dates).

Written and directed by Jeff Nichols, this Oscar-nominated drama hits cinemas this week and will be released on DVD later this year, here are five reasons you'll love it...

The leads are riveting…

An almost unrecognizable Joel Edgerton plays the aloof but unbowed Richard Loving opposite Ruth Negga’s quietly powerful Mildred. Both are astonishing mostly for what they don’t do – namely, act like actors. The pair’s subtlety conjures real life. That draws the audience into their orbit, making their mistreatment at the hands of Virginia law enforcement seem even more harrowing.

The pacing is exquisite…

Director Nichols lets us get to know these characters well before flinging them into the maelstrom. That fosters the above-mentioned intimacy, fostering profound empathy for Richard and Mildred.

Michael Shannon, yet again…

Shannon’s scenes are few but his towering presence – as a Life Magazine photographer sent to capture the Lovings at home – electrifies the film. His upcoming turn in another new film, the Tom Ford thriller Nocturnal Animals, is also the stuff of cinematic legend.

Everything scans as genuine…

From the clothing to the dialogue, this feels like fly-on-the-wall observation, not highly structured filmmaking. Indeed, the very lack of dramatic speeches or deliberately climatic scenes evokes everyday life. It’s amazing how captivating that can be.

It leaves your breathless…

The final frames – which chronicle what happened to Richard and Mildred after the Supreme Court ruling – is gut-wrenching. You won’t see a more emotional film this year.


Loving is released into cinemas on Friday (February 3rd) and will be released on DVD later this year. 

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