Five Reasons You’ll Love It - October 2, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road – Five Reasons You’ll Love It
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Mad Max: Fury Road – Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Getting anything done in Hollywood takes a long time. Some movies take months to make, some take years and some take decades. It’s been 30 years since the last time Mad Max was on screen and 17 years since George Miller, the mastermind behind the series, conceived of a fourth film to add to his trilogy.

Originally Mel Gibson was going to reprise his role as Mad Max Rockatansky, but over the years Gibson grew older and Miller decided it was time for a new hero to step forward. Enter Tom Hardy, the man mountain who’d terrified us all as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and scared the hell out of us in Bronson all those years ago.

Joined by a cast that includes Nicholas Hoult, Charlize Theron and Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley, this time we find Max, a former highway patrolman whose family was killed in the early days of the societal collapse, in deep trouble. He’s been captured by a tyrannical fascist leader and looks destined to live out his days in captivity, unless he stumbles into Furiosa, who is leading a group of five women (known as the five wives) to safety across the barren desert. But will they make it?

It hits DVD shelves on Monday (October 2nd) and you can pre-order it on the right-hand side of the page, but, back before it hit cinemas, we caught an early screening of the blockbuster and we cannot recommend it highly enough. Here are five of many, many reasons you’ll love it:


There is almost no exposition…

The trouble with lots of blockbusters with a metric tonne of backstory is the amount of exposition that has to be crammed in. Mad Max doesn’t bother with any of that. There’s no scene where the two leads learn to trust each other in a quiet room, no lengthy prologue about how society collapsed and really no messing around, it’s straight out on the road for the most furious chase you’ve ever seen.


The pace is unrelenting…

This film just never stops. The convoy of trucks that is carrying Max, Furiosa and the five wives away from their captors and towards hope of a new life must be stationary for a grand total of 10 minutes in the film’s two hour running time. Aside from that it’s wall to wall action.


It’s just as demented as the original trilogy…

It might have cost $150 million to make, but it’s just as violent and bloody as Gibson’s original and has the same demented nature to the character. It’s blackly comic and incredibly watchable.


Tom Hardy is on top form…

Mel Gibson’s Mad Max is one of the most beloved and iconic characters in cinema history and stepping into his dirt crusted boots must be more daunting than you can imagine. But for Tom Hardy pulls it off with ease. He’s menacing, haunted and badass all at the same time.


It looks incredible…

Miller’s ability to create a terrifying, madcap and gruesome dystopia is unparalleled. Everything here looks incredible, from the crumbling cars - all patched back together and covered with spikes - to the fiery firing weapons and the strange, gangs that try and block Max and Furiosa’s party, it just looks so cool.


Mad Max: Fury Road is released on DVD on Monday (October 2nd). 

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