Five Reasons You’ll Love It - July 4, 2015

Magic Mike XXL: Five Reasons You’ll Love It
by Natasha
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Magic Mike XXL: Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Ladies…are you ready to be worshipped? Are you ready to be exulted? Magic Mike and the gang are back with XXL and they aren’t lying; this sequel is bigger, bolder and funnier than its predecessor.

We may have lost Matthew McConaughey and ‘The Kid’, but after three years, having put stripping behind him, Mike returns to his former ‘Kings of Tampa’ for one final crazy ride at the Myrtle Beach stripper convention, and the plan is simple: quoting Big Dick Richie: "If I go down, I'm going down in a tsunami of dollar bills".

Despite the obvious draw for women, being that it’s about a group of extremely ripped men in various states of undress, there is a lot of brotherly camaraderie within the group, plus some excellent dancing and some cracking tunes that will appeal to the male audiences as well.

It’s sure to be a summer sizzler, we went to an early screening and put together five reasons we think you’ll love it. You’re welcome…


The bros are back together and having so much fun

Reunited and on one last epic road trip, Mike, Big Dick Richie, Tarzan, Ken and Tito are ready to hit the ladies of Myrtle Bay with everything their muscly, tanned and thonged bodies have to offer. Oh and we can’t forget about Tobias, their loyal DJ/driver. These boys each have their own comic value and will have you laughing from start to finish.


We see more of Joe Manganeillo this time

And it shall be well received! Appearing as more of a supporting role in the first film, Joe returns as Big Dick Richie for the sequel with all ‘guns’ blazing, bare bottom and all. In a particularly amusing scene where his character Richie must ‘unlock his inner dancer’ in a mini mart, his only props a bag of Cheetos and a bottle of water… you'll have to use your imagination for the rest. Spike your interest?

Magic Mike XXL
Magic Mike XXL Gregory Jacobs

Channing Tatum’s dancing is really quite excellent

There is definitely some magic left in Mike, that is for sure. Over the last few years Channing has shown that not only can he dance but he can also act. But it is nice to see him back in a role loosely based on where his career began and it is plain to see why he was chosen for Step-Up almost a decade ago. His final scene at the convention where he duos with Stephen Boss is really something.


Jada Pinkett-Smith has so much sass

Jada Pinkett-Smith takes to the role as MC like a stripper to baby oil. An excellent substitute to McConaughey’s Dallas, Rome - as she is known in the movie - brings a new female dynamic to the film. Referring to the women as “queens”, Rome works up the crowd into a frenzy bringing showers of dollar bills for the guys!


The music will make you want to get your freak on!

You’ve got some classic Backstreet Boys, R. Kelly and Jodeci, plus some original material from Matt Bomer (aka Ken) and new man Donald Glover covering Bruno Mars. And we guarantee that you won’t be able to get Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ out of your head for a while. Images of Channing and tool sheds may come rushing back…



Magic Mike XXL is in UK cinemas now

Magic Mike XXL - Official Trailer [HD]

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