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Marc Forster to direct Tom Hanks in remake of A Man Called Ove
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Marc Forster to direct Tom Hanks in remake of A Man Called Ove

As far back as 2017 – just two years after the arrival of Hannes Holm’s hit Swedish comedy A Man Called Ove – there has been talk of Tom Hanks starring in an English-language remake, but up until now development on the project has been slow.

Now, however, the pace appears to be picking up as the new film finds its director.

Marc Forster, the man behind the lens on films such as The Kite Runner, World War Z and the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace, is set to take the reigns on the new remake.

Holm’s Oscar-nominated film is the latest in a series of Nordic movies and TV series to become the subject of a Hollywood remake, with films like David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Veena Sud’s take on Danish crime series The Killing being just a couple of examples that have enjoyed success in recent years.

Hanks will star as the film’s titular protagonist, an ageing and lonely pensioner whose time is mostly occupied with enforcing petty neighbourhood rules, until he strikes up a surprising relationship with some new and noisy neighbours.

Hanks is still the only confirmed cast member so far, but according to a report from Deadline the film is expected to begin shooting later this year, with Finding Neverland screenwriter David Magee having completed a script. There’s no mooted release date yet either, but we expect there will be more news soon now that the film has a director in place.

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