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Melissa McCarthy in talks for Ghostbusters 3
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Melissa McCarthy in talks for Ghostbusters 3

Tammy star Melissa McCarthy is in early talks to star in Ghosbusters 3. 

It was announced earlier this year that Paul Feig, best known for directing Bridesmaids and The Heat, will be directing Ghostbusters 3 and he confirmed that the key cast will be female.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Feig is very keen to have McCarthy, who starred in both Bridesmaids and The Heat, on board, but there are a number of scheduling issues to be overcome first. 

The report also states that both Rebel Wilson and Jessica Chastain, who had been linked with the film, are not in contention for a role, but BiRDMAN and The Amazing Spider-Man star Emma Stone is. Both Jillian Bell and Cecily Strong have also been linked with supporting role. 

Production on the new reboot is set to begin in the summer time, with currently no scheduled release date for Ghostbusters 3. 

Melissa McCarthy will next be seen on screen in Feig's next film Spy, a comedy where she stars alongside Jude Law and Jason Statham. That's due for release in May. 

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