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Mike Tyson says Jamie Foxx will play him in a new biopic
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Mike Tyson says Jamie Foxx will play him in a new biopic

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has said that Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx has agreed to play him in a new biopic, but with the help of some serious CGI.

According to the Daily Mirror, Tyson has said that filming will begin within the next year and that Martin Scorsese is also involved in the project. 

He said: "Me and Jamie Foxx are in discussion, and we gonna do it. Within a year to 18 months, we’re going to do the Mike Tyson story and he’s going to portray me, and now they have this new animation; because you know Jamie’s pretty much my age so he can’t portray me but they have this new system."

Tyson also said that Foxx, who scored an Oscar for his role as Ray Charles in the 2004 biopic Ray, has asked him to train him up for the role. 

Foxx will next be seen on the big screen in Horrible Bosses 2, playing the role of Dean 'Muthaf***a' Jones. 


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