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"The attention to detail is so incredible..." - talks to the cast & director of Mortal Engines
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"The attention to detail is so incredible..." - talks to the cast & director of Mortal Engines

Back in 2009, Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson caused excitement amongst fans of Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines series of novels when it emerged that Jackson had acquired the rights to adapt Reeve's books for the big screen. However, the director then shelved the project to work on The Hobbit trilogy and by the time the third film in his second series of J.R.R. Tolkien adaptations had made its arrival in cinemas, the time left to put a Mortal Engines movie into production before the rights expired was beginning to run out.

Thankfully, though, Jackson eventually managed to raise the funds for a Mortal Engines film and officially announced that the project was underway in 2016. However, perhaps out of reluctance to jump straight into a new world-building project so soon after The Hobbit, Jackson decided to offer the reins on the film to fellow New Zealander Christian Rivers, who had worked with Jackson on The Hobbit in various capacities, including as second unit director on the second and third instalments of the trilogy.

Rivers approached the challenge with gusto and put together a cast which includes Robert Sheehan, Leila George, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Lang, Hera Hilmar and musician-turned-actress Jihae. 

Mortal Engines arrives in stores next week and is based around the novel of the same name - the first in Reeve's quartet of Mortal Engines books, set on a dystopian Earth some 3000 years into the future where an apocalyptic global war has wiped out most of the planet's natural resources.

To survive, the inhabitants of the planet's remaining towns and cities have had to adapt, transforming places such as London into giant, motorised 'predator cities' which roll across the Earth's desolate wastelands on the hunt for smaller moving towns to capture, consume and strip of whatever resources they have, including their people. But not everyone is on board with this new lifestyle and a group known as the Anti-Traction League are looking to stop London and other cities like it before they destroy what's left of the planet.

With the film in stores on Monday (April 22nd), we caught up with the cast and director for a chat about bringing Reeve's stories to life on the big screen.

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Mortal Engines is in stores from Monday April 22nd.

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