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Neill Blomkamp confirms his Alien project is dead, but does reveal plans for District 9 sequel
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Neill Blomkamp confirms his Alien project is dead, but does reveal plans for District 9 sequel

Neill Blomkamp has confirmed that his Alien movie is dead. 

The director, who is best known for District 9 and Chappie, had confirmed in 2015 that he had the go-ahead to make a new Alien sequel, had entered pre-production and had even begun to post early concept art for the movie, but it was then all put on hold when it was revealed that Ridley Scott would be directing Alien: Covenant

Scott has previously said that he believed Blomkamp's movie would not be coming out and the South African director has now confirmed it. 

Asked about the movie by The Verge, he said: "I think it's totally dead, yes. That would be an accurate assumption at this point.It's sad. I spent a long time working on that, and I feel like it was really pretty awesome. But politically, the way it's gone now, and the way that it all is — it's just not going to live."

He went on to say that he did not want to tread on Scott's turf, adding: "I want to just be as respectful and not go stamping around in this world that he created. I think that if the circumstances were different, and I didn't feel like I was getting too close to something that he obviously feels a massive personal connection to, that things may have played out differently."

More excitingly, Blomkamp did talk about a District 9 sequel and revealed he would like to go back and revisit those characters. 

He said: "With District 9, I plan on making another film in that world. To go back and work with [design and effects facility] WETA, and make the film would be cool, but anything that pre-exists like that may not be the best fit for whatever we're trying here."

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