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New Sonic The Hedgehog trailer makes its debut online
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New Sonic The Hedgehog trailer makes its debut online

It's not often that the reaction to a trailer is so strong that the film it's promoting ends up being delayed, but that's exactly what happened when the first trailer for Jeff Fowler's upcoming movie based on the much-loved Sega character Sonic the Hedgehog arrived earlier this year.

It wasn't so much the trailer as the design of Sonic himself that provoked such a strong reaction from fans, many of whom reeled at the sight of Sonic's weirdly elongated legs or his unnervingly human teeth. The real problem, though, was that he just didn't look all that much like Sega's beloved hero, and while there have no doubt been countless examples of fandoms overrreacting to the choices made in various recent reboots, adaptations and sequels, in this case the critiscism was taken seriously enough that the filmmakers decided to put the film on hold and go back to the drawing board on Sonic's design.

Having made several welcome tweaks and changes to Sonic's look, an all-new trailer for the movie arrived online today - click below to watch it:



Sonic the Hedgehog is now expected to arrive in cinemas early next year and features Parks & Recreation star Ben Scwartz as the voice of Sonic, who stars alongside a cast that includes Jim Carrey in the role of Sonic's evil nemesis Dr. Robotnik and Westworld's James Marsden as Sonic's human helper Tom. The story sees Sonic hiding out on Earth to escape from Robotnik's attempts to steal Sonic's speedster powers, only for his old enemy to follow him across the galaxy, putting Sonic and the worda round him in danger.

Jeff Fowler is directing, working from a script penned by Josh Miller, Patrick Casey and Oren Uziel.

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